MHT 棉花田

MHT 棉花田 is a new lifestyle boutique in Shanghai that offers unique yet timeless pieces. The MHT 棉花田 family travels far and wide to discover high-quality clothing and products with attentive details from the world’s leading fashion and design innovators. Each piece has been carefully handpicked with the intent to surprise and to push the boundary of fashion beyond trends and logos. Subtle yet strong, the way of life proposed by MHT 棉花田 is slower and more considered. We are going against the fast-fashion grain so we can provide "slow-fashion" to help people invest in truly discovering and expressing themselves through their personal style.

“Each of us lives in our own clothes and through our clothes we tell our story,” muses the boutique’s founder Jane Zhang. After years of tireless work and loads of passion found in details seen and unseen, the MHT 棉花田 family has many dreams to fulfill. We dream of a world with no boundaries, with no distinction between age, sex, race, or beliefs. We dream of creating ways for others to find their own path. We dream of a slower, more simplistic lifestyle that is in harmony with Nature. We dream of cultivating creativity, a sense of wonder, and feelings of gratitude. We strive to not only offer the best in material goods, but also in experiences as well. Perhaps this all seems rather ambitious for such a humble store, but MHT 棉花田 believes we all have the power to make things better.

If you share any of these dreams, come and experience our vision in downtown Shanghai at 564 Chang Le Road.